wyrażenie lub zwrot językowy, którego nie można rozumieć dosłownie
ani dosłownie przetłumaczyć na inny język, np. biały kruk, rzucić okiem.

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be a wet blanket psuć nastrój Please somebody make Jane change the subject! With her stories from her childhood, she can be a real wet blanket.
be at one's best być w najlepszej formie There is no doubt he is to win this race - he is at his best now!
be in force obowiązywać Don't worry about that - that rule is no longer in force in our office.
be in the air nierealne, niepewne The initial plans to publish this book in May are quite in the air.
be in the pay of sb być na usługach kogoś (tajnych) Hmmm... I have the impression that some data have been leaking from the company since Hans was employed here... Do you think he may be in the pay of our competitor?
be in two minds about sth być w rozterce, wahać się Well, I don't know. I am still in two minds about buying this car. It's second-hand you know...
be left stranded być zostawionym samemu sobie (z kłopotami), utknąć That party was a disaster! Everybody was having fun and I was left stranded with that boring guy who sat next to me.
be on the air być na antenie Quiet everybody! Three, two, one ... You are on the air!
be on the crest of a wave przeżywać dobry, pomyślny okres; być na fali The Rasmus are currently on the crest of a wave, they are extremely popular among teenagers.
be out of order nie działać I am sorry but this telephone is out of order. You have to go round the corner.
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